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This was our first beach destination in Thailand. Even though it's not an island, it certainly feels like it. Good weather and food were made our days there unforgettable times.
Koh Phi Phi Lee
 Maya Bay

This place was made famous by “The beach" movie in 2000 starring brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio.  We stayed 3 days in the main island Ko Phi Phi Don, but made our mandatory visit to its smaller sister on a day full of adventures.
Koh Samui

We felt Koh Samui had much more to offer than just its popular beaches. It's a big island and has the vibe of a big city. The more we explored the island by motorbike, the more we fell in love with it.

Koh Tao

This little island just north of Phangan became our favorite of all the beach places we visited in Thailand. Much more relaxed than Samui or Phangan, this is the perfect spot for snorkeling with thousands of colorful fish swimming along with you.
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Siem Reap
Angkor Wat

Most visits to Cambodia are not complete without a trip to the temples of Angkor. It takes at least three full days to fully explore the whole complex, but it is well worth it, even under high temperatures.
Highlight: Bamboo Train

When we were in Battambang, a small town with lots of remaining of the French colonization, we heard about a crazy train ride in a bamboo-made train. What a blast we had that day!

Kampot wasn't even in our plans. We headed there by mistake and ended up staying for 6 days. Its French bakeries took our stomachs out of misery and the friendly locals made this place our favorite in Cambodia.


Located in the south of Cambodia, Kep is well known for its seafood. The fish market right on top of the beach allows people to eat fresh seafood right out of the sea and cooked straight away. A delightful treat to the hungriest travelers!
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Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon, was our first stop in South Vietnam. The air was sticky and smoggy but nothing could disturb the beautiful colors and the scent of street food everywhere in the busy streets of the capital of the South.
Co Chi Tunnels

It was so insightful to see the measures and the level of adversity that people would go to fight for their country and beliefs. A complex navigation of underground tunnels barely a half meter
Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a popular destination amongst both locals and Russian tourists. It's a modern city that combines ancient history and beautiful beaches. We were lucky to have been there during the Sea Festival so there was a party vibe everywhere we went.


Although not on the typical tourist trail, Hue offers a bustling local centre. There are few tourist hotspots, but if you look hard you will find some beautiful history - temples, palaces, and tombs.
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Halong Bay

There are no words to describe the natural beauty of Halong Bay. Numerous mountains emerging from the ocean through the mist, makes for a breathtaking and mystical experience, which is a must see for most travelers.  

Wow - what a bustling metropolis. Hanoi is bursting with culture and life, and really showcases some of the best parts of Vietnam. The food, the people, and the architecture, scattered with the influence of French colonization, makes for a truly unique city.

Sapa turned out to be our favorite destination in Vietnam. It is located in the mountains and it was a pleasant escape from the Asian heat. Were actually received with a fog and rain.
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