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Destination: Lisbon       
Highlight:Praça do Comercio

Executive Solutions and its adventurers made their first visit to the capital city of Portugal – Lisbon. Renato who is a native of Portugal, decided what better place to start their adventure than at his home country.
Destination: Sintra
Highlight: Palacio da Pena

During our stay in Lisbon, we took a one day trip to the famous neighbouring town Sintra. It is famous for Palácio da Pena, the bucolic city center and it's narrow streets and for the travesserio cookie.
Destination:Porto - Portugal
Highlight: Clérigo’s Tower

Easily the most recognisable symbol of the city, Clérigo’s tower is for Porto what Burj Khalifa is for Dubai. Unfortunately, it has no elevator up to the top, so expect a rough climb through a narrow, dark, 250 year old corridor.

Destination: Gaia - Portugal

Highlight: Serra do Pilar

On the other side of the Douro river lies the city of Gaia, where the Port Wine rests in the cellars until it’s ready to be served. At the top of Serra do Pilar
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Destination: Santiago de Compostela
Highlight: Cathedral

Our first destination in Spain is a city that is famous for its many pilgrims who participate in one of the Camino de Cantiago routes, and has a thriving nightlife.
Destination: Bilbao
Highlight: Guggenheim Museum

Bilbao, a modern and very well organized city welcomed us with heavy rain and low temperatures. As true travel enthusiasts, that did not dissuade us from taking to the streets and walking around the city centre.
Destination: Oviedo
Highlight: Gothic Cathedral and 9th century churches

Oviedo is a small city capital of the Asturias region, the only part of the Iberian Peninsula that was not conquered by the Moors.

Destination: San Sebastian
Highlight: Beautiful Bay La Concha

San Sebastian was a big surprise on our itinerary. We were not planning on getting so far East in Spain but we are glad we did...
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Destination: The village of Ordino, (15 minute drive from the capital Andorra le Vella)
Point of Interest: Ordino Arcalis - Highest Point reached by car to date (snow, snow and snow)

It was a hot and sunny day when we headed East to Andorra. We left Spain in the morning and drove up the mountain in order to get some nice pics of the capital, Andorra la Vella.
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Destination: Montpellier
Highlight: The definition of French! / Unlike many other big cities in France, Montpellier doesn't have any Roman influences!

We couldn’t be happier then to start our first visit in France to a city that best defines what French is!

Destination: Saint-Tropez
Did you know: Population is less than 6,000

When you hear the words Saint Tropez you automatically imagine famous people chilling at the beach, fancy yachts, dozens of luxurious hotels along the coast and posh restaurants and clubs.
Destination: Cannes
Highlight: Film Festival

As we made our approach to Cannes, we could see private jets and helicopters in the air and black shiny limousines with their chauffeurs for as far as the eyes can see! We were in the midst of the celebrity frenzy that...

Destination: Chamonix
Highlight: Mont Blanc (French Alps)

Having left the French Riviera in our shorts and flip flops it came very apparent that we needed to change our clothes, or rather layer up when we finally made it to...

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Destination: Vaduz
Country: Liechtenstein

This little principality is hidden in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria in the center of Europe.
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Destination: Salzburg
Highlight: The city of Mozart

Home to the greatest composer of all times, Salzburg is a constant tribute to the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 
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Destination: Cracow
Highlight: Splendid Old Town

Cracow is Magda’s hometown and although she doesn’t live there now for a couple of years, her heart will always be with this city.
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Destination: Warsaw
Highlight: Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw's biggest symbol, the Palace of Culture and Science is both loved and hated as it represents the Soviet occupation era in the post-war years. Warsaw has a gloomy history.
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  Destination: Lviv
Highlight: Rynok Square

Lviv was our first destination in Ukraine. After several hours through poorly shaped road we finally arrived to the famous Market Square, commonly known as Rynok Square.

Destination: Kamianets Podilskyi - Ukraine

Highlight: Castle

The castle in Kamianets Podilskyi has a diversified architectural aspect as it was rebuilt many times by its numerous invaders/owners throughout the course of history.

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Destination: Cluj-Napoca
Romania National Opera

In the very center of Cluj Napoca, the capital of Transylvania’s region, there is  the Neo-baroque building of the National Opera of Romania.
Destination: Brasov - Romania
Highlight: Old Town
Brasov easily became our favorite city in Transilvania. Its charming council square in the heart of the old town  is ideal to relax after a full day walking around the city under a sunny weather.

Destination: Sibiu - Romania

Highlight: Lutheran Cathedral

Sibiu is a city of many churches and most of them very interesting to visit. Near its main central square we can find the Lutheran Cathedral, a massive building.


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Monte Carlo
Formula 1 Grand Prix

One of the most glamorous places in the world, Monaco was in our plans since the very beginning. It’s the second smallest country on the planet, yet it had quite a big impact on us.
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Destination: Sanremo
Highlight: A little bit of Italy

San Remo was the only city we visited in Italy but it surely gave us a glimpse of the truly Italian lifestyle. The city seemed very laidback and disorganized but at the same time really charming.
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  Destination: Zurich
Charming old town


Zurich is full of contrasts. On one hand elegant old town with 13th century church, on the other big industrial districts with uninteresting gray buildings. Although it is the biggest city in Switzerland, you can feel a certain tone of provincialism, simplicity and most of all tranquillity. 

Destination: Trümmelbach
Highlight: 140 meters of waterfalls


Switzerland has millions of wonderful places to go for a hike. We opened a Swiss guide trying to find some nice one-day mountain trip close to Zurich and felt totally overwhelmed with the number of places, 

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