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HR Talent Solutions

Looking to maximise your workforce, organisation and HR activities? Executive Solutions offer an array of solutions to help grow and excel your business. Whether you are starting out or have been in business for decades, we know the challenges you face when searching for new talent, grooming existing staff for new roles and fulfilling strategies.

HR Governance

Human Resources Governance has become integral in the evolution of healthy HR practices throughout organisations. And like the best of business partners, we’re trusted implicitly to drive and deliver those solutions to you.

HR Governance Services include:

  Policies & Procedures
  Labour Law & Legislation in HR
  Disputes & Grievances
  HR Audit
  HR & Leadership Criteria Development & Implementation
  HR Excellence Awards
  Quality Assurance Schemes in HRD

HR Strategy

In order to meet the needs of employees and stakeholders, strategic HR planning is imperative to the success of HR management within an organisation. Our consultants work in collaboration with line mangers as business partners to develop this link. We design and formulate HR Strategies to support HR management, thereby giving your organisation a competitive edge.

These strategies include:
  Road Mapping
  Manpower Planning
  Change Management Strategies

HR Partnership

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to your HR needs, Executive Solutions can offer your organisation an HR partnership. Based on the nature of your business, we will make an assessment of your priorities and work side by side to fulfil your requirements. Some of the key areas our highly skilled team can deliver upon are:

 On Boarding & Induction
  Awards & Celebrations
  Well-being Schemes
  Outplacements Schemes
  Internal Communication
  Intranet & Internet Content
  Employee Retention
  Employee Engagement

HR Nationalisation Solutions

Executive Solutions are experts in Nationalisation drives across the GCC.  We understand the requirements of GCC governments and have successfully supported nationalisation campaigns geared towards a multiple range of seniority levels across various sectors. Working in conjunction with CEO’s, we shape the strategy to recruit and develop projects for attracting and retaining nationals, so that they may progress in meaningful careers and have a vested interest in the growth of their country.

We deliver:

  Career Planning for Fresh Graduates & Middle Management

Compensation & Benefits

One of the key elements of an organisation’s backbone is compensation and benefits. Our experts are proficient in the design of salary scales, surveys, benchmarking, comparative studies, cost-cutting strategies and can generate various compensation and benefits solutions for your organisation.  

Services include:

  Grading/ Ranges Schemes
  Salary Schemes & Payroll Management
  Benefits Development
  Salary Survey & Benchmarking
  Rewards Structure
  Medical Insurance Scheme Design

Training & Development

Training and development is one of our fortes.  Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients by identifying training requirements, designing competency-based training, training calendars, cascading workshops and learning interventions. Executive Solutions has adopted an edutainment and digital solutions approach in design and development of learning solutions.

We deliver:

  Talent Management Schemes
  Training Needs Analysis (TNA’s)
  Training Calendars (Design & Development)
  ROI of Training Schemes
  Career Management & Succession Planning
  Psychometric Testing
  Executive Coaching

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