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James Corner

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Executive Solutions Outlook for Talent Acquisition in the UAE

  • •  Diversification from oil based sectors will see rise in employment in infrastructure
  • •  Job prospects for local population will be better than usual
  • •  Recruiters to be flexible in sourcing talent to ensure a high success rate

Dubai, UAE, 2nd July 2015 – Executive Solutions, a trusted talent solutions partner headquartered in Dubai, specialising in direct, tailored and HR talent solutions along with Nationalisation initiatives throughout the Middle East shares its outlook for the talent acquisition market amidst its rebranding.

The ability for an organisation to anticipate and adapt to rapid changes in the market and new technologies lies at the heart of their survival and their long-term prosperity. In a city such as Dubai which is growing and changing at an exponential rate this couldn’t be truer.

Due to the alarmingly low price of oil recorded at the end of 2014, the GCC realized the significance of diversifying into other sectors. According to a study published by Deloitte in May 2015, the GCC is heavily investing in infrastructure projects which in turn will create the need for a larger workforce. It has forecasted that there is $172billion of projects underway in the GCC.

Compared with the global job market, the UAE is experiencing better traction. With the revival of the construction sector, real estate and with Expo 2020 infrastructure projects underway, demand to attract talented professionals locally or internationally are rising. The revival of these sectors in turn spill out into other sectors such as tourism, retail, hospitality, and finance which have been demonstrating a steady growth and simultaneously creating more opportunities for the local population.

At Executive Solutions, the job profile that is most in demand is that of an engineer, followed by business management and finance graduates. Due to the competitiveness of these positions, employers are looking at soft skills such as being dependable, coaching co-workers and adaptability when formulating their hiring decision.

James Watfa, Managing Director of Executive Solutions said “We go by the motto - one size doesn’t fit all.” Hiring for senior roles requires a more rigorous approach compared to that of junior roles. So why would there be a presumption that a common approach for all levels are effective? When we first sit down with our clients we identify and categorise their priorities. Based on our findings we tailor develop the services that will best fulfil their goals in a condensed timeline.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients. Our new logo is represented by a circle which is reflective of a cohesive process. When we find the right solution for our clients, we in turn free up valuable time that can be spent elsewhere such as their families and other priorities. We are committed to ensuring the best for all our stakeholders.”

The demands of employers recruitment needs are evolving and as a result so are the tools and methodologies to acquire talent. A lot of activity has moved to the digital platform which has helped expedite the recruitment cycle in addition to providing innovative applications. Executive Solutions understands this and realizes the need to stay ahead of the curve and be relevant which has been the motivating factor behind its rebrand.

One of the key areas that Executive Solutions has been progressive is within the area of Nationalisation. Executive Solutions many years ago realised the need to create a talent pool of qualified Nationals and as a result created a solution called Mawheb which has placed over 500 nationals in jobs to date.
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