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About Our Logo

Our new logo is a refreshed expression of who we are today - engaging, innovative, out looking and with our fingers on the pulse.
The elements of our brand identity include: a new logo, colour theme, font and tagline.

The circle represents our wholeness as an organisation and mirrors what is closest to our hearts – improving the lives of our clients. It reflects that we are all connected, all related, are all in it together. This circle concept is further detailed by the graduated blue colour representing the shareholders involved in the acquisition of talent - client, candidates, partners and colleagues.

The blue and grey colour palette evokes a foundation of credibility, accountability, and trust, all part of the Executive Solutions philosophy.

Font is a vital attribute in communicating our brand, we believe our font reflects our brand and compliments the colour palate which is fresh and contemporary. Our company name in lowercase represents a friendly and informal approach we personify in our dealings internally and externally.

The tagline, the talent hub, truly expresses who we are internally and externally, a source of talent.

As we embarked upon our rebrand we wanted to express our values as a company; innovative, forward thinking and engaged in our day-to-day business practices. Welcome to our new look!
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