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The Story Behind Our Rebrand

When I founded Executive Solutions in 2007, it was with the simple goal of providing recruitment solutions for companies of various disciplines within the UAE.

Throughout the years, we have come to learn a lot from our clients, and as a result we recognised the opportunity to expand our focus beyond recruitment and the UAE.
As we enter our 8th year in operations, we decided that we need to showcase our improvements and the milestones we have achieved throughout the years, and what better way to communicate this then through a rebrand!

As we commenced with the rebranding process, we realised that our logo did not entirely reflect who we are and where we are going. We wanted to create an impression of a new beginning and future which includes innovation, engagement, forward-looking and international aspirations. Our mission as an organisation is to improve the lives of our clients and candidates. We wanted a symbol that demonstrates our approach in delivering solutions and reflective of our team, hence the circle. The circle represents wholeness and collaboration, and the variations of colour within the logo reflect all the stakeholders involved. Our approach in delivering solutions is that of a cohesive process. When we find the right solution for our clients, we in turn free up valuable time that can be spent elsewhere. We are in it together with our clients, we are one.
I am very proud of the close ties we have established with our clients and that Executive Solutions is synonymous with the word trust. Our positive reputation is connected by the actions of our amazing and dedicated team, who are willing to do better every day. As experts in talent solutions, we want to give you our best, with a promise to continually innovate, share our knowledge and deliver more value.

Based on this association, we carefully contemplated several designs for our logo before agreeing upon the one which you see before you today – the circle.
We haven’t changed our name, but the changes we have made are in line with our vision with a distinctive point of view differentiating us from the pack. Our website is fresh, lively and engaging. Our team spent a lot of time thinking of how we can enhance your online experience which mirrors our internal process of doing business. We are ever evolving.

James Watfa,
Founder and Managing Director of Executive Solutions.

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