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3 ways to Build A Successful Digital Team For Your E-commerce Business


Sourcing qualified candidates in today's continuously shifting business landscape is far from easy. Over the years, multiple evolutions have taken place in online businesses around the world that have enhanced the need for specialized skills and expertise. This boom in demand has led to several recruitment challenges, including smaller talent pools, longer lead times, and reactive hiring processes.


Here are three tips to help you build a successful digital team for your online business:

1. Staff up for success

Finding,hiring and keeping hold of e-commerce specialists has never been more competitive. when you're looking for the best digital talent in the jobs market, it's wise to use remarkable tactics that could help significantly increase your e-commerce turnover.


2. Stay attractive

According to a recent survey, 53% of potential candidates will look at the company's website before applying for a role and 38% will look for your company page on LinkedIn. So update these regularly. A visibly, active online presence can go a long way in attracting bright sparks to join your e-commerce team.


3. Squeeze the talent

When you put together a job spec, make a list of 'needs' and also 'nice-to-haves'. If you meet a great candidate who is 75-85% on brief, grab them. You can always develop their skills further within your company. Our digital recruiters recommend lookingfor an e-commerce professional with skills across many areas could be a real bonus.

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