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How to Revamp Your Business Hiring Plan for the Rest of 2020

Since the start of the global crisis, many companies have been worried about their results. Unfortunately, this has to lead to cancelled interviews with potential recruits and hiring plans that have been abandoned altogether.


On the other hand, some industries, such as healthcare providers, may need to implement mass hiring campaigns. As it’s safe to say, niches like these are certainly feeling the strain to meet the increased demands for their servicesduring this time.


Whether you’re putting a stop to all recruiting or need to facilitate an influx of new hires, adjusting your hiring plan will be imperative, and fast! And we are about to reveal a few tips that will help you to revamp your hiring plan to the new post-pandemic reality and to maximise your business’s productivity:


1. Reassess your hiring needs

The recruitment plan that you have prepared for 2020 is most probably not accurate anymore. That’s why it’s time to review it.


You need to establish the current needs of the company and work backwards from there. And This is key to ensuring your workforce has all the skills, manpower, and experience it needs to work efficiently and effectively during these uncertain times. 


So if you need to execute a quick mass hiring campaign, find out which departments need urgent attention. Ask yourself – which areas of the business need help? How will you expand your resources to meet the growing demand?


2. Adapt your employer branding strategy

Most likely, your employer branding strategy is affected by the current situation like most of the businesses. So you must adapt your employer brand to reflect the current crisis.


Use this opportunity as an employer to communicate with customers. Explain how you’re helping employees during this challenging situation and how you’re paying exceptional attention to their safety and security.


3. Optimise your recruitment process

Make the limited physical contact during quarantine work in your favour. Don’t let it become a barrier to recruiting. By this, we mean, optimise your hiring process to incorporate tech that can help you with remote recruiting. 


For example, you can set an assessment for candidates to take at home, which scores them on the relevant skills needed for the job.


4. Consider hiring international employees on a remote basis.

It’s tricky to hire international talent at the best of times. On the one hand, it widens the qualified candidate pool. On the other hand, new recruits often don’t want to risk packing up their homes and relocating somewhere new, away from family and friends, in case the job falls through and doesn’t work out.


So, make the most out of lockdown by using it as an opportunity to hire international candidates to work for you remotely. This will provide an accurate insight into the quality of their work, with limited costs attached!


You may consider relocating them once the crisis is over, by which time you’ll have had a chance to evaluate the mutual fit.