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How To search for the right Job During The Coronavirus Pandemic


During this time the raise or promotion you were counting on could be delayed for months or even longerWhile it may seem appropriate to sit back and wait, this isn't a time to postpone your job hunt.

In fact, by developing effective job search strategies now, you’ll be ahead of your peers when the situation finally normalizes.


Embrace online networking

Using your spare time while in self-isolation to network online is a great way to lay the foundation for future career growth. Kickstart your job hunt by increasing your digital presence. Update your LinkedIn profile, ask for recommendations, and join relevant groups. 


Stay top of mind

While some companies are still hiring, the interview process is taking longer than usual. If you do apply for a position and don’t hear back right away, don’t panic. Wait a few weeks and continue to follow-up via email with the HR contact or hiring manager. 


Do your research

Are you saving valuable time by avoiding that daily commute? You can use those extra minutes to explore and research target companies. Set up Google Alerts for firms you are interested in. Also, take note of companies that are weathering the storm. After all, if a business can survive the next few months, it may be a company to consider working for. Also, observe how they are responding to the pandemic. Follow them on social channels and in the media. Take note of how the leadership team deals with the crisis and its employees. Are they supporting workers or laying them off? As part of your job hunt, also consider setting up informational interviews via phone or Skype chat. 


Improve your skills


Your job hunt should also include time to bolster your qualifications. If you lack a skill that is required in your dream job, now's the time to make yourself the ideal candidate. That might mean taking an online course or getting a certification. Harvard and MIT offer some excellent online classes, many of which are free. If you’re not sure where to start, browse Udemy, which has one of the largest selection of online courses.


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