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What questions you should ask during a video interview

To help you to stand out at your next video interview, here are some questions that'll make hiring managers' ears perk up:


1. How does this role contribute to larger company goals?

It's not difficult to find a candidate that can execute on a role. It is more difficult to find a candidate that can not only perform on their position but also understand how it fits into more critical goals. This includes being able to self-manage, prioritize high-value activities, and grow their role in a direction that aligns with the company's growth.


2. What metrics would you use to measure success in this role?

Asking a question like this shows that you're goal-oriented and aren't afraid to be held accountable for those goals. You don't shirk accountability. You welcome it -- and will work hard to hit your assigned targets.


3. What is your company's customer or client service philosophy?

This is a profound question because it shows that you can make the connection between how the company thinks about its customers and the result. 


4. Do you have any questions or concerns about my qualifications?

This question shows that you're not afraid of critical feedback -- in fact, you welcome it. Interviewers tend to make a note of red flags -- whether it be something on your resume or something you said. This question gives them the green light to ask about any of the things that are holding them back from being 100% on board with hiring you.