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5 tips for proofing your career during this time

The coronavirus has impacted people's lives around the globe, including people's careers. People have lost their jobs, seen less work and are adapting to working from home. 


During this time, it's essential to think about how your job, skills and career fit in the new normal. And here are seven things that can help shield you and your career from a crisis:


1. Produce good work

While you may have other demands during the crisis, try to put in the same amount of time and effort to continue producing quality work.


2. Diversify the type of work you do

diversify your career; expose yourself to cross-functional work by showing your interest in supporting the efforts of your colleagues on other teams or in other departments. Take on side projects that allow you to exercise different skills and knowledge. Opportunities like these may help you make career transitions to ensure that you have options to choose from.


3. Develop a contingency plan with your team.

Document your "plan B." Identify with your colleagues how you would proceed with the project when working remotely. 

Leaders anticipate issues before they become problems.


4. Grow your online network.

Ensure that your network is active should you need to use it to identify future career prospects—follow-up on connections. Use LinkedIn as a search engine to identify other people that are doing exciting work. Then pick up the phone or use an internet video conferencing platform to have a conversation.


5. Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated.

Whether you lose your job or are thinking about moving on from your current position, be ready with a current resume and LinkedIn profile. Add a couple of your latest accomplishments to your resume. Spruce up the summary section of your LinkedIn profile, and enhance your Recommendations section by asking for and giving some testimonials.